Let’s make some improvements to our websites

Creating a website is fairly simple to do today. There are many website builders out their that will do most of the work for you, meaning all you need to do is drag and drop to make your website. These do cost a small amount of money to have. But for the most part are very simple and might be the best option for many people. Of course you can hire someone to build the website for you and depending on your situation, this might or might not be the best option for you. The benefit of this is being able to offlay most of the work, or at least the tactical side of the work, so you can focus on your business. This might be a good option if you a roofer or builders which typically make good money on each deal and just need a professional website for their correct customers. Of course this is assuming that they don’t need any more business, they just want a professional looking website. If the need more business, then that’s a who different story, and something I might cover in the future, but for now I just want to talk about making a website. So my point is, whatever option you take to making the site, you need to make sure you website looks good and coverts, so here are a few things I suggest to include to make your website more effective.

Make it clear the customer is in the right place

So many website today are unclear the customer is in the right place. This might be making sure you website has a clear logo or maybe a clear picture of your company or maybe a picture of the main product you supply. For example if I was one of the many carpet shops out there, I would want it to be clear that I do carpet. Some people might have a website of other flooring like wood flooring, even though they don’t have much wood in their shop. Keep it clear what you are about. A picture of a room with carpet down is also not clear as you could be selling the furniture in the room. So keep this in might when designing your website.

Have a clear phone number

I won’t go on with this one because it’s very simple, make sure your website has your phone number at the top of the first page so the customer can’t miss it. You do that, and you’re doing better than many websites out there. So many hide their numbers in an attempt to look more modern. The customer doesn’t care about this, they just want your number and if they can’t see it, they might go to another site.

Have a contact form

Not everyone wants to call you, so have another option like a contact form. We would like the customer to call but if given the option I would prefer someone to feel in the form that not contact my company at all. Try to get their phone number of the form, then you can call them after and they will be much happier to talk to you. Everything in this blog post is just my thoughts on the matter and I hope they help